Dry ice at your doorstep - Wherever you are

Dry Ice International has an extensive delivery and retail network that covers almost all of South Africa and several of our neighbouring states. Because we know that emergencies happen and plans change at the last minute, we’ve made sure we can get dry ice delivered to your door at short notice. Wherever you are in South Africa, we can get your order of dry ice to you within 24 hours.

We’ve partnered with couriers and retailers to bring dry ice to locations around the country that would make delivery as quick as possible – and we’re always working to develop that system and make deliveries quicker all the time. After more than 20 years of excellence in manufacturing high-density, food-grade dry ice for the southern African market, we’re the most trusted name in reliable supply of dry ice across a broad spectrum of industries.

The costs of delivery vary, depending on how much dry ice you order. For a full breakdown of the costs, please give us a call and we’ll gladly provide you with the details.

The advantage of door-to-door delivery is that we can provide you with the freshest possible dry ice – not losing its density or volume! To get your delivery shipped to you, place an order on our online store or call +27 (0)83 375 6627.