Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here are some of the most common questions our clients ask us when purchasing dry ice. If this page doesn’t answer your question, feel to call us!

When handling dry ice always wear gloves and when possible, wear protective clothing.

When buying directly from one of our factories, the following sizes are available:
2.5 kg round block
2 kg square block
1 kg special cut (pre ordered)
3 mm pellets
16 mm pellets
When buying from our retailer networks, the standard 2.5 kg round block is available.
For deliveries the minimum quantity applicable is 10 kg.

For a fridge/freefreezer of 380 L (standard one door split) capacity, place 2 x 2.5 kg round blocks in the fridge section, as due to frequent opening more cold air will escape. Place 2 x 2.5 kg round blocks in the freefreezer compartment, which will keep all foods frozen as the freefreezer is opened less. For a standard chest freefreezer of 400 L capacity it is recommended to use 10 kg.

Please refer to the pamphlet under our DryIce4Leisure logo – this will demonstrate visually how much dry ice is needed for different size cooler boxes.

Dry ice should be bought as close as possible to the time of utilising it. Dry ice cannot be stored for extended periods as it will sublimate – purchase the previous day or on the day required for the best results.

The best way by far to store dry ice, is inside a good quality polystyrene container of which Dry Ice International has on offer a variety of polystyrene containers. A cooler box may be utilised as well. Do not remove the dry ice or place it in a freefreezer or fridge.

Depending on the quality of the cooler box and how many times it is opened and closed, the dry ice may last for 4 – 7 days.

Please refer to the pamphlet under our DryIce4Leisure logo – this will demonstrate visually how to best pack dry ice in a cooler box.

To create a smoke effect with dry ice, warm to hot water is required. Place the dry ice inside a container, e.g. 5 L bucket and add the water to let the magic begin. The dry ice may even be placed in a jaccuzzi or swimming pool to create a smoky effect. Please note that dry ice is not to be placed directly into a cocktail or beverage, as swallowing dry ice is extremely dangerous.

Dry Ice International delivers to your doorstep to any city/town in South-Africa.

Place the dry ice in your kitchen basin or leave it in the original storage container, where it naturally will sublimate into a gaseous form.


Dry ice can be bought via our online e-shop. Dry Ice International has a network of retailers, who stock and sell dry ice throughout South-Africa (see map on website for more details). Alternatively, you may collect dry ice from factories located in:
Pretoria: 259 Vonkprop Street, Silverton
Durban: Unit 36, Northmead Industrial Park, 10 Moreland Drive, Durban North
Port-Elizabeth: 25 Kwaford Road, New Brighton
Cape Town – See retailers list

Handle and store dry ice correctly according to the safety instructions indicated on all packaging. Use gloves or a dry cloth when handling dry ice, do not place it in an airtight container and ensure the room or vehicle you are travelling in is well ventilated.

Dry ice is a cooling agent and has multiple and a wide variety applications, e.g. catering displays, special effects, hunting, fishing and freeze-branding of cattle. For more information, click on E-Brochures.

The temperature of dry ice is minus 79.5 degrees Celsius.

Yes, due to the low temperature of dry ice it will freeze-burn your skin, i.e. similar to a hot burn. Wear gloves or wrap the dry ice in a dry cloth/newspaper during handling.

Dry ice does not melt but sublimates (evaporates) naturally to a gaseous phase.

Yes, water ice maintains temperature just below freezing point and melts into a liquid when heated. Dry ice remains solid and constantly at a temperature of minus 79.5 degrees Celsius, until it sublimates naturally to a gaseous phase.

Yes, dry ice can keep meat and perishable foods frozen for up to 7 days.

Never place dry ice into a beverage – accidental consumption may cause serious injury and even death.

No, dry ice has a limited life span when placed in a freefreezer. However, when used for a specific purpose in the freefreezer it is ideal, but it can not be stored indefinitely due to sublimation after a few days.