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When you’re heading out

Can I use dry ice for camping and the outdoors?

Yes you can! Dry ice is the perfect solution for all you cooling needs, being safe and affordable, as well as long-lasting. It is ideal for 4×4 trips, fishing, hunting, hiking, safaris or weekend trips. Using dry ice makes it possible to keep meat fresh until you reach your holiday destination, and continuously while you’re there too. When it comes to special functions at work or at home, dry ice is ideal for keeping drinks ice cold.

7 Reasons to use dry ice for fishing & outdoor adventures 

Reliable:It’s ideal to keep fish frozen for periods of four days and longer without electricity.
Inexpensive:There is no need for expensive bulky freezers.
Powerful:Dry ice is seven times more effective than water ice when it comes to cooling.
Clean:It leaves no residual dirty water in the container after the ice has melted.
Ease of use:Dry ice is easy to handle.
Available:We’ve made it easy to get your dry ice at outlets throughout SA, or delivered to your doorstep!
Safe:If handled correctly, it is perfectly safe for personal leisure use.

What about safety?

Dry ice is not for human consumption. Handle it only with protective gloves or mitts. Transport only in complete isolation from the driver. Do not place dry ice in any gas-tight container. It sublimates and expands! Keep dry ice away from children (adult supervision is required).

What is dry ice?

It is frozen carbon dioxide (CO2), which remains at -79 °C. It is a non-toxic, non-flammable food-grade product, which sublimates from a solid directly to a gas – no liquid or water is left behind. The sublimation creates the cooling effect. The energy value of dry ice is 570 kJ / kg.

More about us

Dry Ice International has been providing the South African industry with innovative dry ice technology and solutions since 1994. We are known for our dedicated national client service, creativity, innovation and team of highly qualified and experienced personnel.

In what sizes can I buy dry ice? 

It comes in round and square blocks, as well as pellets in 3 mm and 16 mm sizes.

  • Round block: 2.5 kg (0200 mm x H65 mm
  • Square block: 2.0 kg (L210 x W120 x H50) or 1.0 kg (L210 x W120 x H22)

It is packed in boxes of 10 kg, which makes it easy to handle. When shipped to your doorstep, it will be in a 20 kg polystyrene container.

How much dry ice do I need in my cooler box? 

If the fish, bait, meat or food is already frozen you will need the following amounts of dry ice to keep it frozen for these time periods:

Cooler box size?

DAYS25 litre40 litre60 litre
12 kg4 kg5 kg
23 kg5 kg8 kg
34 kg6 kg10 kg
45 kg8 kg13 kg
56 kg10 kg15 kg
67 kg13 kg18 kg
78 kg15 kg20 kg

How do I store dry ice?

Use an insulated cooler or polystyrene container. We can supply you with the perfect size polystyrene container, or you can wrap the dry ice in paper or a blanket to extend the life even further if necessary. Remember, do not store dry ice in your freezer at home!


Dry Ice International carries out dry ice deliveries countrywide on a 24-48 hour basis. Dry ice may be ordered on our website and be delivered to your doorstep. Dry ice can also be collected at any of our retail outlets.