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Cooler Boxes for Sale at Affordable Prices

A cooler box container is a highly useful item that can be carried with ease while going hunting, camping or fishing. It is actually a cooling container that is manufactured using insulated material so that its inner temperature can be kept uninfluenced regardless of the weather outside. You can thus keep your drinks cool and preserve your lunch & food for long hours. Using high-tech materials, the insulated walls keep the edible contents uninfected & non-stale despite the scorching sun outside.

Besides our wide range of cooler boxes for sale, we also have a variety of polystyrene containers for sale. We are proud to offer dry ice in Cape Town.

To keep food and beverages cold, people often use cooler boxes, which are small, wrapped containers that don’t require any kind of mechanical refrigeration. It’s a useful option that can be taken along on any outdoor adventure, whether you’re going fishing, hunting, or camping.

Typically, cooler boxes are manufactured from plastic, and they can be found in a range of sizes. It’s insulated so its interior temperature is unaffected by the weather. It comes in a number of sizes, catering for individuals and groups. Polystyrene foam is used to create disposable cooler boxes. These cooler cases are made to keep perishables cold on the go.

The cooler box industry has grown rapidly in recent years due to the product’s attractive price point and high level of durability. The two main types of cooler boxes are the hard-sided metal kind and the soft-sided plastic variety. Cooler boxes with soft sides are more convenient because they are lightweight and compact. Containers with a hard body are often manufactured with robust plastic and are quite bulky, though ideal for the outdoors.

In order to preserve the freshness of the items inside, ice packs or ice cubes are often inserted into the box. When it comes to keeping things chilly, ice packs are almost always favoured to individual pieces of ice.

Dry Ice International stocks a wide variety of high-quality cooler boxes in a range of sizes to ensure that your perishables are kept chilled and fresh.

The locks on our cooler boxes are made of heavy-duty rubber, and they are accompanied by tie-down slots and sturdy interior hinges.

The cooler boxes that we provide are easily transportable, lightweight, and take up a small amount of room, making it ideal whether you are going camping or fishing, on vacation, driving, or even to your office. It is versatile enough to meet all of your needs.

Our selection of cooling boxes features affordable options, in addition to being long-lasting and robust, and they are available in a number of different colours.

Our cooler box does not require any sort of electrical connection in order to function, and it can be utilised with dry ice in order to get the highest possible level of cold retention.

Dry ice is colder than regular ice. It’s frozen carbon dioxide gas at -109.3°F or -78.5° C, compared to water ice at 32°F or 0° C. When dry ice melts, it doesn’t create a pool. When heated beyond its liquid phase, it changes into a gas.


Benefits of having Dry Ice in your Cooler Boxes


Wrap the dry ice in several layers of newspaper and place it on top of the foodstuff for maximum effect. Or if you prefer, place the ice at the bottom of the cooler and cover it with something substantial, such as the flat side of a milk crate, a piece of cardboard or scrunched up newspaper. The ice forms a barrier, preventing the food from falling through and becoming soaked.To prevent the food from freezing, dry ice should be kept from direct contact with the perishables. The incredibly low temperature of dry ice causes any food that comes into contact with it to instantly freeze. If you put something between the dry ice and your meal, like cardboard, newspaper, or a cloth layer, your food will stay cold rather than frozen. Ideally, you should stock up on dry ice right before you need it.


Cooler Boxes Disadvantages


Keep in mind that the dry ice in your cooler will release carbon dioxide gas during transportation, and that the concentration of this gas in a closed vehicle could become dangerously high. You may have dizziness, nausea, and vomiting in addition to headaches and rapid breathing. In camp, keep your dry ice cooler away from your tent or camper. You must wear gloves and long sleeves when handling dry ice.


Cooler Boxes Packing Tips for all Sizes


We stock a variety of Tentco Cooler Box sizes, from the family size 140 litre to the handy 20 litre. High levels of insulation allow for ice to be kept for up to seven days.

Begin with food that has been refrigerated. Prepared food should be refrigerated until the cooler box is packed. Food should be packed after all other items have been gathered for the trip. It is recommended that you freeze a bottle of water before putting it in your cooler. It helps you conserve space while also cooling your food and giving you something to drink.

If you want to maximise the cooling capacity of your cooler, you should strive for a two to one ice to content ratio.

This indicates that you will need twice as much ice as you have food and drinks. When calculating the ice portion of the ratio, you can include any foods that have been frozen. Your cooler’s efficiency will increase in direct proportion to the amount of ice you put in it,  but only up to a point.


Benefits and Uses of a Cooler Box Container:


  • Keeps everything cool and fresh: Your drinks, water, soft drinks, beverages and food items are kept completely cool & fresh in an easy to carry cooler box.
  • Our cooler boxes are portable and light in weight and does not occupy much space. You can carry it anytime & every time no matter whether you are going camping or fishing, holidaying, driving or, simply, to your office.
  • We have a wide range of sizes available to choose from depending on your individual needs, you can select the right size for you.
  • We hold a range of cooler boxes that are durable, sturdy and easy to transport.
  • Cooler box requires absolutely no electrical points to function
  • The gentle colour reflects heat and sunshine, keeping items properly chilled.
  • Cooler boxes are appropriate to be used with dry ice for optimum cold retention.
  • Our cooler boxes have heavy duty rubber latches, tie down slots
  • Solid internal hinges