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At Dry Ice International we have a wide range of various sized high-quality cooler boxes.

A cooler box container is a highly useful item that can be carried with ease while going hunting, camping or fishing. It is actually a cooling container that is manufactured using insulated material so that its inner temperature can be kept uninfluenced regardless of the weather outside. You can thus keep your drinks cool and preserve your lunch & food for long hours. Using high-tech materials, the insulated walls keep the edible contents uninfected & non-stale despite the scorching sun outside.


Benefits and uses of a cooler box container:

  • Keeps everything cool and fresh: Your drinks, water, soft drinks, beverages and food items are kept completely cool & fresh in an easy to carry cooler box.
  • Our cooler boxes are portable and light in weight and does not occupy much space. You can carry it anytime & every time no matter whether you are going camping or fishing, holidaying, driving or, simply, to your office.
  • We have a wide range of sizes available to choose from depending on your individual need, you can select the right size for you.
  • Our range of cooling boxes are well priced, therefore, something everyone can purchase.
  • We hold a range of cooler boxes that are durable, sturdy and easy to transport.
  • Cooler box requires absolutely no electrical points to function
  • The gentle colour reflects heat and sunshine, keeping items properly chilled.
  • Cooler boxes are appropriate to be used with dry ice for optimum cold retention.
  • Our cooler boxes have heavy duty rubber latches, tie down slots
  • Solid internal hinges

Conclusion: So, buy a cooler box container now! Keep your breakfast, lunch & dinner fresh and your drinks cool while you go on family outings.